Company profile about yaohua

AVIC Shanghai Yaohua Weighing System Co ., Ltd (thereinafter, it is called "YAOHUA"), established in 1992, is high-tech enterprise specializing in Research & Development, manufacturing and marketing weighing indicators.; is the main drafter of national standard "Electronic weighing instrument "; is a Giant Science and Technology Enterprise of Shanghai; and also the Vice Director in CWIA.

In December 2012 Yaohua logo was honored as Shanghai Famous Brand. YAOHUA employs approximately 300 workers, many of them are senior engineers or experienced employees obtaining PhD and master degree.

YAOHUA complies with the managing philosophy "specializing in weighing indicator, perfecting in weighing indicator ", with our scale advantage and the imported management of scientific supply chain, we ensure a better price performance ratio with increase year by year; By continuing to increase technology investment to ensure the advanced technology and competitive advantage. Now our R & D team is recognized as "the R & D institution of Shanghai Pudong New Area. ", Our Staff, salary and technology play a leading role in industry field. Now, YAOHUA obtains over 50 types of patents, and honors the OIML certificate from OIML office in China and Netherland. Our XK3190-A12 series indicator has also been certified by NTEP.

Giving full play to democracy to cultivate the staffs to participate in and pay attention to company daily affairs is an excellent culture, not to cultivate a family successor, but a team is the inherited mechanism of YAOHUA. YAOHUA belongs to excellent employees. Through Comparison and competition, awarding the most excellent employees who will be the new shareholders and hosts is the power for YAOHUA's continuous development, to ensure YAOHUA evergreen by designing mechanism and cultural construction.

Company honor about yaohua

In December 2012 Yaohua logo Was honored as Shanghai Famous Brand
In 2010, YAOHUA has been awarded as "Shanghai Technical Giant enterprise ( in cultivation )"
In 2010, Yaohua becomes equity joint venture of ZEMIC, ZEMIC holds 45% stocks of YAOHUA
In 2010, Yaohua received ISO9001:2008 certificate
In 2010, Yaohua has been awarded as "Top 10 company of Weighing Instrument of China Light Industry"
In 2009,YAOHUA honored as "nationwide advanced enterprise of light industry for excellent performance"
In 2008, YAOHUA R&D department honored as "R&D Institution of Pudong New Area"
In 2008, YAOHUA was assessed as "Shanghai advanced enterprise in Full Quality Management"
In 2008, YAOHUA successfully finished amendment of national standard on digital weighing indicator
Since 2003, YAOHUA has been awarder as vice president of China Weighing Instrument Association ( CWIA )
In 2005,YAOHUA honored as "nationwide advanced enterprise of light industry for excellent performance"
Since 1994, YAOHUA has been assessed as "Shanghai high-tech enterprise"

Product honor about yaohua

In 2014, YAOHUA YH-T8 honored OIML
In 2013, YAOHUA YH-T7 honored OIML
In 2012, Our products has been awarded as high and new technology conversion products
In 2012, XK3190-A12 series indicator has been certified by NTEP
In 2012, Yaohua owns National Patent 50 items, 5 items of Invention Patent and 15 items of practical New Type Patent
In 2011, CWIA approves that Yaohua ranks NO.1 of weighing indicator selling from 2006 to May 2010
In 2009, XK3190 series weighing indicator was honored as Shanghai Famous Brand
In 2009, YAOHUA XK3190-A12ss honored OIML& EC Type Approval certificate
In 2009, XK3190-A12 indicator was honored OIML certificate in China