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proname :XK3190-A16(E)


Weighing indicator XK3190-A16E is a price-computing indicator with three LED displayer windows. It is equipped with 24 high-precision A/D conversion chip and digital filtering algorithms, and it also has some outstanding technical characteristics, such as ultra-low-power design, high precision of weighing, and more customizing operation, which is better suite for static weighing system. Weighing indicator XK3190-A16E indicator with appropriate load cell and platform scale can be composed of a cost of effective price-computing platform scale.

Standard function

◆Three LED displayer windows
◆Long stand by time; the battery can continuously work for more than 200 hours after once charging
◆Alarm function for overload
◆Saving a variety of unit price
◆Call and display inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
◆Up to 99 times amount of the accumulation
◆A16 (LCD display) with selectable backlight mode; A16E (LED display) four adjustable display brightness
◆AC/DC power supply, with built-in rechargeable 6V/4AH battery
◆Battery voltage detection function and a variety of power-saving mode

Technical parameter

◆A/D conversion method: Σ-Δ
◆A/D conversion speed: 10-20times/sec
◆MAX A/D conversion bits: 24
◆Verified count: 3000
◆Max external counts: 30000
◆Max internal resolution: 60000
◆Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
◆Load cell excitation: DC +3.3V
◆Input signal range: -10mV ~+10mV
◆Input sensitivity: ≥2μV/e
◆Display: A16 LCD display; A16E LED display
0.56 inch high; 5 status indications
Weight display:5 status; Unit price: 5 status; Amount display: 6 status
◆Keyboard: adopting 25 mechanical key; easy to maintenance
◆Power supply: AC220V,50Hz±1Hz; Re-chargable battery in-built 4V/4Ah
◆Working environment:0℃~40℃; Relative humidity:≤85%RH