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proname :YHL-7H (Dot Matrix Scoreboard)


◆High brightness 7 inch LED dot-matrix display
◆Automatic switch between weight display and advertisement display. Able to select switch
◆Able to display Fonds SimSun, Bold SimSun and SimHei for advertisement and weighing data
◆Character and matrix picture advertisements available both in Chinese and English. Able to set fond and running effects for the advertisement
◆Inner real-time clock, able to display date, time, lunar date, day of the week, holidays, and temperature
◆Metal housing, built-in power switch; pleasant and reliable appearance, strong anti-interference ability
◆Able to add advertisement for scale manufacture. Adopt special encryption technique which is difficult to break
◆With multi-functional PC software and friendly operation menu. One key setting function which is convenient for mass setting
◆Standard current loop and full-duplex communication interfaces; automatic selection for communication protocol and baud rate

Standard function

◆Advertisement: 5 normal advertisements + 2 startup advertisements + 2 encryption advertisements
◆Advertisement running method: up-down and left-right available, optional multiple effects
◆Advertisement running speed: 10 levels of speed optional
◆Advertisement letters: each advertisement can have 63 Chinese character or 126 English letter
◆Weight unit:13 kinds, like: Kg, t, lb, N etc

Technical parameter

◆Display territory: 640mm×160mm,64×16 dot-matrix LED
◆Working voltage: AC 100~240V
◆Working/ storage temperature: -20℃~50℃/-35℃~65℃
◆Clock accuracy: daily error less than 1 seconds
◆Temperature range: - 42℃~99℃, accuracy around ±2℃
◆Communication interface:
(a ) Current loop interface: connected with indicator, transmitting distance ≤1200m
(b) RS232 interface: connect with computer and indicator, transmitting distance ≤30m
(c) RS485 interface (optional): connect with computer and indicator: transmitting distance≤1000M
◆Keypad: two light-touch keys
◆Appearance: 780×260×60(mm)